As much as I wish I could help everyone with the content I’m sharing, I’m aware that we all have different needs. Genetic predispositions, nutritional habits, generational influences, environment and lifestyle choices, combined with psychological and emotional factors are unique to everyone. Some of you may need dedicated support during your healing journey, so I also provide the following private sessions:

Integrative Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine:

Your unique bio-individuality requires a personalized health plan, so I will look at your nutrition, both on and off the plate, your lifestyle, understand how it all integrates into your life to unravel the root cause of your imbalances or dysfunctions. We will work together to bring back the balance you need holistically to build your path to optimal health.

Gut Health:

All disease begins in the gut” Hippocrates was surely a very wise man. The Gut microbiome contains more than 100 trillion bacteria from 1000 different species and more than 20 million microbial genes. These micro-organisms are extremely important as they produce key metabolites, vitamins and neurotransmitters; they modulate hormones, harvest energy from food, fight pathogens and protect our gut lining; influence brain, liver functions and more. It also hosts more than 70% of our immune system. So it’s no surprise that the state of our gut determines the state of our overall health. Multiple problems can emerge from an imbalanced and inflamed gut, such as dysbiosis and gut permeability (leaky gut).

Gut microbiome diagram

After understanding the nature of your symptoms, I will provide you with a personalized gut healing protocol to reduce inflammation, repair, strengthen and rebalance your gut. We will address your digestive issues holistically, means we will also take into consideration your lifestyle, the influence it has on your gut functions and I will support you with the modification you’ll need to undertake for better health.

Corporate Health & Wellness:

With 13 years of corporate working life behind me as a senior executive, I’m ideally positioned to understand how office work affects your health. The stress from responsibilities, poor nutritional choices, the physical toll from sitting all day and lack of exercise, all have long-term detrimental effects on the body and mind which ultimately affect performance. I provide corporate wellness and health coaching programs for senior executives and staff, providing the tools and methods to promote sustainable health and performance at the office.

Corporate employee health and wellness benefit
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